Bare Beauty

Client: Bare Beauty
A newly established holistic therapist offering an extensive range of relaxing, rebalancing and reinvigorating treatments.

Brief: Help to build brand identity, brand values and brand voice through developing a business name, logo and printed marketing materials.

Characterised by honesty, purity and an holistic approach to remedy and healing, the name Bare Beauty refers not only to the natural products used and the selection and purpose of the therapies themselves, but also to the choice of the therapist to remain bare-footed during treatments, in order to stay grounded and in balance.

The visual language used throughout the brand’s materials needed to be unfussy, calming and professional, achieved through a subdued palette, clean design and two complementary sans-serif typefaces.

Additional text-editing services allowed the copy, too, to reflect the brand, combining with the design to convey the company’s essence and further its marketing reach.