Taking a step back from your written work can be difficult for even the most experienced of writers. This is where an editor comes in. This is where I come in πŸ˜‰

While everyone understands and appreciates the value proofreading offers the written word, getting your work edited can seem a more daunting and perhaps more fuzzy proposition. Will the editor be mean? Will she change my voice? Could she ruin the whole ruddy thing?! The answer is no. But also yes…

A bad editor may change your tone of voice, could quite possibly be mean, and has the potential to cause damage. But a good editor will work with you, not against you, and will sprinkle her magic on your words without leaving a trace.

The editorial journey is just thatβ€”a journey, and is a process of collaboration as much as it is a service. But if you’re serious about your writing, it’s something you should not overlook.

Examples of editorial projects to be added once published.